Get Loan Free

Welcome to our cooperative page, on this part we give all our members loan without collecting any collateral from them, No cash payback, No credit or debit card required and No BVN required. All you need to do is continue working on the website when it get to 6months of working with us after join the cooperative you will be qualify to get your first loan without delay. Our Cooperative is one of the best cooperative you can find anywhere in the world, all you need to do to get our loan is to join our earning members, join the cooperative if you are yet to join, work with our system and earn real money, once you join earning members you are on the way. We give every member that joins the cooperative a chance to collect loan without collecting anything from them.

To qualify for loan

  1. Join earning Members
  2. Join the cooperative
  3. Work for at least 6month after joining the cooperative
  4. Get your first loan after 6month.

Join earning members:- This is the first stage of the loan system it help you to get involved in the cooperative system.

Join the cooperative:- Our system will allow you to join loan system by simply clicking on Join Cooperative from the cooperative page. Please note you will need to select your weekly savings while Join the cooperative and once you are done, you are good to go.

Work for at least 6month after joining the cooperative:- After join the cooperative system you need to work and maintain your working account to be able to meet the savings and earn real money weekly, we use the period of the 6months to study your performance on the earning system. Note your performance will determine the value of the loan that will be giving to you.

Get your first loan after 6month:- Once you are qualify to get your first loan you will get congratulation message from the cooperative department and the loan button will be clickable to request the loan.

How much can I get as loan?

Once you join the cooperative system, you need to work and maintain your working account to be able to meet the savings and earn more money for yourself.

To get best and good amount of loan you needs to be very active and hard working. Good performance at the savings level ranked you high rate of loan amount. Such as (N100,000 - N500,000) five hundred thousand Naira at a time.

Your savings balance may be multiply by two or three depending on your earning performance and savings. Will only give high rate of loan to the best active members and we know them through their earning and savings performances.

How to payback loan and charges

Our loan payback is not made by paying cash or using of credit or debit card, we make it easy for every members to work and earn so that they can get loan and as well payback the same way they get the loan.

All you need to do is to continue working; the loan will be deducting from your earning account when paying you every month, with the loan standard. Your loan will not be deducted at a time; it will be in cooperative loan standard such as 3months, 6months or year deduction system.

Interest charges:- Please note we charge interest on each loan given to all our cooperative members to maintain the cooperative department and run the cooperative activities. We only charge 5% on each loan given to members and no hiding fees or charges.

Note if you are unable to meet up with the savings this week, it can still be pay together with the next week savings with interest charges of 15% of weekly savings specified.