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Welcome to AlterMass website, AlterMass is a professional publicity website that is interested in human convenience and standard of living of all members and non members who are ready to work.

AlterMass is a website where you can easily earn real money. We offers several methods by which you can earn money e.g. following, commenting, subscribing, voting, viewing advertising sites, Facebook page likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Youtube channel subscribers and likes, Performing simple task, freelancer services, attracting referrals etc.

To work on this platform, you do not need any skills or credentials and no waste of time, all you need is decision to work and internet access. You can be anywhere in the world and work anytime you like.

You can also made cheap and effective advertise of your own Sites, Blogs, Apps, Referral-links, Online Vote, Videos, Facebook page likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Youtube channel subscribers and likes, products and order freelancer services.

Income is unlimited, all payment can be made directly to your bank account or any other payment method specified in your account.

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What We Do

  1. AlterMass will show you some simple ways to change your thinking and your life completely.
  2. AlterMass will connect you to the right people you or your business needs.
  3. AlterMass will show you series of ways you can Earn Real Money at your own time without living your home.
  4. AlterMass make it easy for you to work at your own time in various homes and earn from our site by saving your time and increase your earnings on daily bases.
  5. AlterMass will show you some simple ways to promote your Websites, Blogs, Apps, and other products you may think off.

With AlterMass you always find reasons to be smiles at all times.

Information We Collect

We collect information based on your interest on our website, below are described information we collect.

  • Information provide:- We collect information mostly when you register as a member or client.
  • Such information are voluntarily provides by you such as Name, Email, Phone number etc.
  • Automatic Information:- When visiting our website some data are collected automatically such as IP Address, Device ID, Model etc. most especially when you want to login or register, it help to understand you better and keep your account safe.
  • Aggregate Information:- It help us to understand all our client better based on their information and various interest on our website and the research carryout. We also describe our services to our business partners and other third parties in order to provide good and effective services in a lawful manner.
  • Use Of Cookies:- We may use the small text file known as cookies to improve our site experience. Cookies are small piece of data that website and services can use or set on your browser or device that can be real or retrieved at a later date. Cookies must be enabled for you to get best certain areas of our website.

Disclosure Information

Your protection is our priority, we will never disclose you personal information unlawful. We may disclose your personal information if it reasonably required by the law, regulation or any government authority. We can never sell your personal date for any reason.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track the performance of each website and the services we provides to them. We have instructed Google not to share your information to their third parties.

How Long Do We Store Data

Generally your data are retained for as long as it relevant to the purposes it meant for. If you use our services from any country aside the country we are located your data may be transfer across international borders to be sure you are safe.

Link To Other Website

Our privacy policy applies to the services we run on both our website and the client website. The services may contain link to other website not controlled or operating by us.

Changes To Privacy Policy

Note changes may occur at anytime base on the services update and improvement to serve all our clients better. We encourage all our users and clients to always check on this page for any new updates.

Raising Any Complaint

You have the right to lodge any complaint if you think something is wrong about our services to you. We would very glad to contact you back as soon as possible and make sure the issue is resolve: mail@altermass.com

Rules and regulations

Placing a job that cannot be performing you violates the rules and regulations; there is penalty for that by fine or removing the campaign without refunding the fund on it or blocking of the entire account.

Follow the rules required while posting your jobs:

  • Every job must have a precise title.
  • Every job must have unique URL destination.
  • Every job must contain a brief and clear description.
  • Every job must have a specific budget price par execution.
  • Every job must state clearly confirmation requirement such as email, phone number, username, date etc.
  • Every completed job must be act on or confirmed if correctly executed within 5-6 days else it will be automatically approver at the 7th day.
  • Make sure you choose an appropriate category for your job else it may not be approved.
  • Playing smart on executor intelligent will be penalize, if job done right and you disapproved instead of approve.

Follow the rules of executing job:

  1. Read carefully on each job executing.
  2. Follow the normal time of executing each job.
  3. Provides each required job confirmation items
  4. Rate the job and submit it as at when due.

How to increase the number of job executions

After place your job the number of your job executions may not be as you expected it daily, due to the competition among the jobs. The fact is that, as the numbers of the job increases in the list of jobs, your job start going down in the list, the number of your job performance may now low or small due to the increases at times.

In order to boost the performance of the job, you can significantly increase the numbers of your job accomplishments by following any of the boosting packages.

Boosting Packages

  1. VIP Package
  2. Static Package
  3. Clicking Package
  4. Auto-Raising Package

VIP Package:- Your job will be recommended as VIP JOB on our website and it will be posted to VIP Box at the sidebar. Your job will also have the special priority to be advertised and displayed in the VIP sections all over the website and the job listed page.

Static Package:- Your job will be advertised and displayed on the first page for a particular period of time specified for the advertisement. These allow your job posted to stay at eyes cashing list on the first page for the period you specified. You can also choose your preferred number position which you want your job to be placed manually.

Clicking Package:- This is very simple and it one of the most reaching advert package plan. These sections are visited by large numbers of users daily and any job advertised at this part cannot be left without calling users attention. These sections attract more users daily.

Auto-Raising Package:- These section, all auto-raising job will be raising at the intervals specified by the clients, it start from 10 minutes upward. Your job will be automatically rise at the indicated time interval specified from the general job list to the top at the first page, which will help you to get more visitors to execute your job for a better performances.